About Nancy’s Vintage Shop …
Formally established in 2017, the clothing from Nancy’s Vintage Shop is meticulously hand picked, by owner Nancy. You will discover vintage clothes from the late 1960s to the 1990s, with a feminine flair!

The shop’s vintage fashion ensembles are excellent for daily wear as well as special occasions, entertainment productions, costume parties, formal events and themed happenings. The size inclusive vintage collections are offered in extra small to extra large.

To search for your new-to-you vintage piece, visit NancysVtgShop online, and thank you for shopping vintage!

About Nancy …
Nancy’s interest in vintage and antique goods began when she was in her early teens. She would rummage through her mother’s boxes of old stuff, and then research the makers, labels and brands online. Her fascination with the uniqueness of old goods never went away, and she enjoyed collecting.

In 2016, Nancy began her journey to selling vintage wares. She started as a vendor of an antique mall booth that consisted of quirky vintage bits and bobbles! The management of her booth began as a hobby-an activity outside of the “9 to 5” corporate job that she worked in Atlanta, Georgia. Later, the hobby became a passion, and she wanted to explore a bigger opportunity.

Nancy, owner of Nancy’s Vintage Shop

Nancy closed her booth in autumn of 2017. In the following winter, she left her corporate job, with plans of opening her very own vintage storefront, in Marietta, Georgia. The brick and mortar shop reflected Nancy’s travels to her favorite vintage boutiques and other secondhand stores in Tokyo and Toronto as well as St. Louis and Nashville. Nancy operated her storefront from January 2018 to September 2020.

Today, Nancy enjoys offering her curated vintage clothing collections from pop-up shops, vintage shows and multiple e-commerce platforms. As someone who never guessed that she would be an entrepreneur, it’s now difficult for Nancy to fathom any other career. Nancy is extremely grateful for her loving and encouraging husband and the clients that support Nancy’s Vintage Shop!