Hey ya’ll, I’m Nancy! In 2016, I began my journey to selling vintage clothes and collectibles. I started as a vendor at an antique mall, of a booth with quirky vintage bits and bobbles. The curating for and management of my booth began as a hobby, something to do outside of my “9 to 5.” The hobby became a passion, and I wanted to explore a bigger opportunity.

Nancy’s Vintage Shop was formally established in late 2017, and I resigned from my corporate job to open my very own storefront. I single handily operated my brick and mortar boutique from January 2018 to September 2020.

Today, I enjoy offering meticulously curated vintage clothing collections from pop-up shops and online platforms. With love and an abundance of care, I hand select every vintage treasure that I discover from private sales, estate sales, rag houses, vintage wholesalers and beyond.

I am extremely grateful for my encouraging husband as well as my awesome customers that support Nancy’s Vintage Shop!

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